Wednesday, June 11, 2008

MS SQL Server 2008 - New Features - SSMS Easier Navigation

Easier SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) Navigation

One of my biggest complaints with SSMS v9 (2005) is it's more-difficult-to-get-to menu items. For example, in order to open up an Object Explorer for a Registered server, you would have to 1) right-click on the server, 2) navigate to Connect, then 3) click on Object Explorer.

With SSMS v10 (2008), all you need to do is 1) right-click on the server, then 2) click on Object Explorer, leaving out the extra navigational step. Now, you might think this is minutiae, but in the world of fast-paced, busy development and administration, every little second helps. The easier it is to get to what I need to do, the faster I can do it, and the faster I can do it, the more likely I am to meet deadlines, get more done, etc.

Object Explorer All Registered Servers in a Folder

Typically, when I'm working with a set of servers at the same time, such as copying objects from one server to another, setting up replication or mirroring, etc, I open up all of the affected servers in SSMS v9, but I need to do this once for each server. Now, with SSMS v10, I can open up ALL servers within a folder simply by 1) right-clicking on a registered folder and 2) choosing Object Explorer.

All of the servers will appear in the Object Explorer with all of the servers open and ready for managing, saving me time. Again, time is precious, so this is a cool feature in my book!

Select and Edit Top n Rows

Another time-saver is now being able to select the top 1000 rows of a table or view as well as edit the top 200 rows respectively. With prior versions, I'd have to open up Query Analyzer or a new query in SSMS and write a SELECT TOP n query against a table or view. This saves time, especially when you're retrieving rows from very large tables/views.

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